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    • 100% Emu Oil

      4 D ACRES emu oil is 100% pure and refined in a state approved edible oil refinery, carrying the AEA Fully Refined Emu Oil seal thus meeting or exceeding International trade rules for fully refined emu oil.

      4 D Acres strives to bring you the very best quality of emu oil along with excellent customer service.

      MOISTURIZER – Emu oil is a great moisturizer on its own or added to your favorite lotion. Because it is transdermal, it moisturizes deep into the skin where it is needed most, working from the inside out and outside in. Adding a small amount to your bath is a great way to moisturize your entire body.

      WHOLE BODY CARE – Emu oil penetrates to soothe the skin. It is also great in massage therapy to make for a smooth massage.

      NAIL CARE – While it is common to think of moisturizing the skin of the hands, fingernails and cuticles are often overlooked. Dry cuticles not only look ratty, but often become hangnails which are incredible painful. Dry nails crack, break, and tear. Emu oil helps with overall hand health and beauty.

      PERSONAL BEAUTY – Emu oil is great for applying directly to the face as part of a daily facial care regimen.

      DIETARY SUPPLEMENT – Omega 3 and Omega 6 Balance;

      Need to loosen a tight screw on your glasses or reduce squeaking in a door hinge? In a pinch, when you can’t find the WD40, emu oil can be used as a general lubricant for your small hardware needs.

      Have you used emu oil for something we haven’t mentioned here?? We’d love to hear about it!

      4 D Acres Everything Emu

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    • Bath Care

      Handcrafted all natural soaps- just the right touch for that main/guest bathroom.

    • Blemish Care

      Products to soothe skin blemishes and redness

    • Dietary Supplements

      Essential Fatty Acids for optimum health.

    • Face Care

      Facial care products to moisturize the face.

    • Hair Care

      Products with emu oil for your hair.

    • Skin Care

      Skin Care Products

    • Therapeutic Care products

      Soothes those sore muscle/joints.