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Home to everything emu including 100% all natural emu oil

We have closed our store; Here are two companies we recommend you shop with for your emu oil products:


Purple Emu Inc. at 888-234-0473 or www.purpleemu.com for the following products:


Emu Oil – ULTRA Emu Oil Gel Caps – Emu X – Purple Rub – Facial Cream – Psori-Care II – Hair Shampoo – Protective Sun Crème – Derma 50 – Super Rich Moisturizer – Golden Magic – Soft As Silk – White Satin – Herbal Garden – A/R Crème – Hand & Body Lotion  Scented or Unscented (4 D Acres Hand & Body Lotions were bottled under our label by Purple Emu)


LB Processors at 877-368-6454 or www.lbemuoil.com


ULTRA Emu Oil – Clear ULTRA Emu Oil – Country Devine Rosemary Mint Hair Shampoo – Country Devine Rosemary Mint Hair Conditioner – Country Devine Unscented Hair Shampoo – Emu Oil Soothing Cream with Glucosamine Sulfate ( 4 D Acres sold under our label as Muscle-Joint Plus)


Great Cakes Soap Works at 913-205-8408 (M-F 9am – 5pm CST) or www.greatcakessoapworks.com.
This is the company that made our great bar soaps, but she will not have any with emu oil.


As for the Lip Balms and Foot Cream, the lady that made these for us has closed her business.